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 | Published on 2/16/2018

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Fundraising Committee is that its members are to do the fundraising for the nonprofit.  This however is not accurate as the job of the Fundraising Committee is to ensure that the fundraising is planned and done very well. The actual fundraising should be done by all Board members, with various staff members supporting those Board members as well as volunteers from the Membership.


It is imperative to understand, either an Association wants to raise funds and plan accordingly with the involvement of its membership or it does not want to undertake the strenuous planning and coordination of major fundraising events but simply adhere to the small fundraisers (i.e. affiliate programs, raffles, walkathons etc.). This is extremely important as fundraising for a cause will always be a challenge.        


Types of Fundraisers

This year we are researching many types of fundraisers – from elegant, formal events to casual get-togethers. Some popular types of fundraisers include benefit dances and dinners, silent and live auctions and sports tournaments, such as golf or basketball tournaments.


Target Audience

One of the main keys of a successful fundraiser is targeting the best donors for our cause. This can be a challenging aspect of the planning period, as sometimes people who truly believe in our cause may not have the financial means to donate significant amounts. We are finding new and creative ways this year to draw out donors who are sympathetic to our cause(s). For example, if we are planning a pancake breakfast to raise money for a specific cause, invite people who have interest in the specific cause from the community, as well as like-minded associations/organizations.


Marketing Strategies

After we’ve chosen our target audience and type of fundraising event, we will plan our overall marketing strategy. The overall goal of our marketing efforts is to get people to our event to donate money to our cause. Let's say we are planning a large-scale community event, advertise it in the local newspaper and radio stations, as well as send out formal invitations. If we are planning a casual (small) fundraiser and don’t have much of a marketing budget, create a viral marketing campaign via email, our website and social networking websites.

At present, we have an Affiliate Programs
and have added it to our website:

Support us when you shop and go to or click on one of the below links. Amazon will donate to the Association for Conflict Resolution Arizona Chapter.

We are currently obtaining other Affiliate Programs and will be adding them to our website as soon as they become available. They are as follows:


Office Max/Office Depot


These programs will not only donate a percentile to AACR but will offer member discounts. This is a win-win for AACR and the membership. 

The Fundraising Committee will continue to actively engage in all fundraising opportunities and will entertain any ideas, suggestions, and/or comments from members.